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New old articles

I’m closing my old site (now leads right into this blog) and thereby moving several old articles that still have valuable info (and also to keep links from other resources working) as backdated posts here. For invaluable help in technical aspects of this deal I want to thank Rastler – check his photography blog […]

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Tiling procedurals and Placement mapping

Небольшой трюк, вполне простой, но возможно не совсем очевидный. Для создания шероховатостей, детальной фактуры и прочей высокочастотности обычно используется какой-нить fractal или noise с большим числом repeat, что приводит к явному тайлингу: A little trick, pretty simple, but maybe not very obvious. To create coarse surfaces, detailed textures and other high frequency stuff we often […]

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