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New website for Relicts movie

I’ve just released a major rework for my movie “Relicts” webpage, so, check it out! It has a glimpse of the final shots and our production process:

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For quite some time this blog laid dormant. Not that I have nothing new to describe or to share, or I’m lazy (although… well, nevermind :))… Actually, I’ve joined animated feature project about a year ago and it’s vast amount of tasks and challenges produced a lot of new thoughts, ideas and techniques… But the […]

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sag_instancerToGeometry update

Updated sag_instancerToGeometry utility. Most of the changes are targeted to solve various issues found in production usage. They were made a year ago already, but for some reasons I’ve forgotten to post an update here. Support for ‘aim’ is still missing, maybe it will be done some day, in years… Other than that, I’ve made […]

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Gallery – Black Lightning

Added several results of my work for feature film “Black Lightning” to the gallery.

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Gallery added

There’s a button to the gallery of my recent works in the top right corner of the blog page. Actually, for a pretty long time already, but only today I’ve finally made it presentable. So, without further ado – you’re welcome to push the mentioned button or the following link – Gallery 🙂

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New old articles

I’m closing my old site (now leads right into this blog) and thereby moving several old articles that still have valuable info (and also to keep links from other resources working) as backdated posts here. For invaluable help in technical aspects of this deal I want to thank Rastler – check his photography blog […]

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