For quite some time this blog laid dormant. Not that I have nothing new to describe or to share, or I’m lazy (although… well, nevermind :))… Actually, I’ve joined animated feature project about a year ago and it’s vast amount of tasks and challenges produced a lot of new thoughts, ideas and techniques… But the real reason is – even a year before that I’ve started my own 3d animated short movie and was thinking to make a website for it, so that the next post here would be an invitation. Due to some unexpected (at that time ;)) things and difficulties related to that endeavour, it took somewhat longer than I expected 😉 and this ‘next post’ thing remained unresolved… Until now.

So, I want to offer you to visit Relicts website. Not a lot of info there right now, but everything starts somewhere someday. Now, since I feel relieved from that burden (of site conception… the project itself is really a sanctuary in these days of contemporary industry production methods :)), I’ll try to be more frequent here. This blog stays for technical stuff and tools, while blog for Relicts is dedicated to more artistic and production topics related to that particular project. I hope both will be interesting and helpful for you.

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  1. Written by bernie
    on 25 November 2012 at 19:33

    you’ve got people reading your blog, just so you know =) !

  2. Written by wkkw
    on 5 March 2013 at 3:34

    amazing work

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